The best formats:

One of the main advantages of Microsoft Office 2010 is that you can save your documents in a variety of file formats, including light file types that are very easy to email or post online. So you never have to deal with external applications, converters or other utilities that may jeopardize your content.

Integrated and compatible:

Microsoft Office 2010 is divided into several programs, each of which has a specific profile. However, the most important thing is that they are all fully integrated and compatible, so you can exchange data without losing a single detail along the way, ensuring the quality of your documents.


New interface:

Many of the Microsoft products have experience a dramatic makeover and Office 2010 is no exception. This application includes the toolbar "Ribbon", which presents a much more intuitive, organized and quick way to find precise functions so you don't have to wander through a series of intricate menus.